Educational training programs

Second (master’s) level of higher education study program

Subject Area “Law”

General overview
Full name of Educational Institution and institute / facultyNational Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” / Sociology and Law Faculty
Higher education degree and title of qualification in the original languageDegree of higher education – Master, subject area – “Law”, qualification – Master of Law
Study program official nameBusiness and Administrative Laws, Commercial and Administrative Procedures
Diploma type and scope of the study programMaster’s Degree, 90 ECTS credits,
duration of study is 1 year and 4 months 
AccreditationMinistry of Education and Science of Ukraine Subject area Certificate of Accreditation 1192608, valid until 01.07.2022
Cycle/level of higher educationNational Qualification Framework of Ukraine – Level 7,
QF-EHEA – second cycle, EQF-LLL – level 7
PrerequisitesAdmission to higher education at the second (master’s) level of higher education in subject area 081 “Law” is subject to possessing the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education in subject areas 081 “Law” and 293 “International Law” through Unified professional entrance examination
Teaching languageUkrainian, English
Study program validityUntil the next accreditation
Internet address of the study program permanent location section “Study Programs” afgp . kpi . ua

Study program goals

Study program goals correspond to Igor Sikorsky KPI development strategy for 2020-2025 years and are the following: to prepare highly qualified professionals in law. They shall possess fundamental and subject specific knowledge; be able to solve complex issues and tasks in the areas of lawmaking and law enforcement and/or in the course of their learning process where conducting research and/or innovation in the environment of uncertainty. In particular, it concerns uncertain environment of business activities, public administration and management, administrative law regulation both in national and international dimension. They shall meet legal market demands and shall be based on the University mission and development strategy.

Study program description

Field of study (discipline, subject area)Subject matter area: law as a social phenomenon and its application particularities grounded on legal values and principles, which are based on human dignity and the rule of law; their respect and implementation, especially in the field of economic activities and public administration Learning objectives: to acquire the skills of solving complex issues and tasks in lawmaking and law enforcement areas and/or within the learning process, where conducting research and/or innovation in the environment of uncertainty assumed. In particular, it concerns economic activities and public administration. Theoretical content of the subject matter area: legal doctrines, values ​​and principles of lawmaking, interpretation of law and its application specifics, in particular, in the field of economic activities and public administration. Methods, techniques and technologies: generic and specific methods of legal phenomena comprehending; methods for legal assessment of the behavior or activities of individuals and social groups, legal issue identification and its resolving based on the principles of law; digital technologies, information check and analysis techniques, proof techniques. Tools and equipment: modern information and communication equipment, information resources and customised software used in the field of legal practice
Study program orientationStudy program of the second (master’s) level in the subject area 081 Law. It is oriented towards resolving complex issues and tasks in the field of lawmaking and law enforcement in economic activities and public administration
Key focuces of
study program and specializaton
Professional education in subject area 081 Law. The program is based on well-known legal doctrine with regard to law enforcement trends development and international and national laws development trends. It focuses on the aspects of lawmaking and application of law in the fields of economic activities and public administration. Key words: business law, administrative law, commercial procedure, administrative procedure
Program specifics1. In accordance with the principles of the University funtioning, in accordance with Art. 32 of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” in the context of academic autonomy, there are study components that are aimed at intensive learning of trends in legal doctrines, principles of lawmaking and law enforcement in the field of economic activities, public administration and information technologies
Graduates eligibility for employment and further study
Employment EligibilityGraduates of the program are well prepared and ready to work as legal professionals in varied enterprises, institutions and organizations, apply for the positions requiring the skills of master of law subject to compliance with other professional requirements, According to the State Classification of Occupations DK 003: 2010 graduates are ready to work in positions corresponding to the classification groupings:
2419.3 Professionals of civil service and of local government  – Administrator (public authorities and local governments); chief consultant; chief consultant-inspector; state registrar; state real estate registrar; consultant (within the public authorities and local governments secretariates); assistant-consultant to the Deputy of Ukraine; adviser (public authorities, local governments); civil service specialist (local government); specialist-legal adviser;
242 Professionals in the field of jurisprudence, prosecution, justice and police
2421 Professionals in the field of jurisprudence and prosecution
2421.1 Researchers (jurisprudence)
2421.2 Attorneys at law and prosecutors
2422 Judges
2429 Other professionals in the field of law   State executor; Notary; State notary; Private notary; Legal adviser (in-house counsel)

According to the International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008, graduates can work in positions that correspond to the groupings:
26 Legal, Social and Cultural Professionals
261 Legal Professionals
2611 Lawyers
612 Judges
2619 Legal Professionals Not Elsewhere Classified
Further learningOpportunity to continue learning under the program of the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education. Obtaining additional qualifications of adult education system.
Teaching and assessment
Teaching and learningCombination of task-oriented and problem-oriented learning. Teaching is carried out in the form of: lectures, practical and seminar classes, consultations with professors; meetings with experts; conferences and workshops, application of mixed learning technologies as well as information and communication technologies. Problem-oriented learning takes a place in the course of on-the-job trainings. All participants in the study process timely have easy to access and clear information as to the goals, content and program learning outcomes, the procedure and assessment criteria within respective study components
AssessmentOn-going control as verbal and written assignments, tests, work on cases, individual assignments defense; end-of-term (semester) control – non-graded (pass/no) examinations, written and verbal examinations to be evaluated according to criteria defined by course Rating system


nent Code
Study Program Units (study courses, trainings, research project)Number of creditsTerminal control
Mandatory Units of the Program
1. Generic Study Cycle (GM)
GM-1Foreign language business communication in practice3pass/no
GM-2Management of the startup – projects3pass/no
GM-3Social dimension of the sustainable development2pass/no
2. Profession/Function Specific Study Cycle (FM)
FM-1Rule of law and contemporary legal systems5examination
FM-2Lawmaking and application of law4pass/no
FM-4Contemporary trends in administrative law and procedure3pass/no
FM-5Contemporary trends in business law and in commercial procedure3pass/no
FM-6European commercial law3pass/no
FM-7IT – businesses legal support4pass/no
FM-8Research project on the topic within study program1pass/no
FM-9Clinical (legal) training3pass/no
Selective Units of the Program (from the faculty (F-) and the chair (C-) catalogues)
Profession/Function Specific Study Cycle (FS)
FS-1Study Unit 1 from F/C-catalogue4pass/no
FS-2Study Unit 2 from F/C-catalogue4pass/no
FS-3Study Unit 1 from C-catalogue4pass/no
FS-4Study Unit 2 from C-catalogue4pass/no
FS-5Study Unit 3 from C-catalogue4pass/no
FS-6Study Unit 4 from C-catalogue4pass/no
Total volume of mandatory components:66
Total volume of selective components:24
Volume of study components to ensure respective competencies defined in higher education standard48


Qualifying examination of higher education students according to the Study Program “Business and Administrative Laws, Commercial and Administrative Procedures” is conducted in the form of the Unified state qualifying examination(s) in the manner prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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