Bachelor’s degree

The educational and professional program “081 Law” is aimed at training highly qualified specialists who meet the modern needs and requirements of the labor market. Applicants of higher legal education of the first (bachelor) level, together with the study of fundamental disciplines, have the opportunity to freely choose and expand their educational trajectory within the framework of the “Human Rights and Their Protection” certificate program, as well as in the field of administrative, economic, informational and intellectual property law.

Graduate departments
Department of Economic and Administrative Law
Department of Information Law and Intellectual Property Law

Admission conditions 2024 (budget / contract)

  1. National multi-subject test:
    Ukrainian language (P1) – coefficient 0.35;
    Mathematics (P2) – coefficient 0.25;
    History of Ukraine (P3) – coefficient 0.4;
    The fourth competitive subject (one to choose from) (P4):
    – foreign language – coefficient 0.4;
    – Ukrainian literature – coefficient 0.35;
    – geography / biology / physics / chemistry – coefficient 0.25.
    The coefficients are indicated for NMT 2024 (more details about admission based on the results of NMT 2023, NMT 2022 or ZNO 2021 can be found in the Admission Procedure for higher education in 2024).
  2. Letter of motivation
    All motivational letters are reviewed. Can affect the competitive situation if it is identical for entrants applying for the same competitive place (competition score, priority, etc.).

Competition score (budget / contract)

The overall result after calculating the competitive score for admission should be:
– budget – at least 150.0 points;
– contract – at least 150.0 points.

The coefficient for a certificate of completion of general secondary education is 0.

The sectoral, regional and rural coefficient is not calculated.

Budget seats 2024
Information is pending

Budget seats 2023
25 places (day uniform)
The source is on the website of the Admissions Committee
The maximum volume of the state order is specified

Tuition fee 2024
Information is pending

Tuition fee 2023
Full-time: UAH 44,900/year
Extramural form: UAH 29,900/year
Payment is made half-semester or monthly

Documents required for enrollment
View information on the website of the Admissions Committee

Some examples of employment (positions):
private legal practice;
legal practice in public organizations, unions for the protection of human rights;
legal consultant specialist;
intellectual property expert;
patent attorney;
assistant-consultant of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine;
state registrar;
chief consultant-inspector;
contract work lawyer;
tender department specialist;
manager of legal support;
consultant on legal issues in the apparatus of state authorities and local self-government;
specialist in support of judicial and executive proceedings;
a professional in the field of jurisprudence and prosecutorial supervision, etc.

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM